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Loosen Bolt Without Wrench!

Alternative way to unlock a screw.

How To Re-activate Windows Or Microsoft Office Without Internet

After you did a fresh installation you need to re-activate the Windows or Office, with the helpful tool it saves your time to do it. Let try this for your next setup.

How To Build A Heater With Candles?

It’s not impossible to build a working heater with just ordinary candles, ceramic pots and bricks.

The Best Of YouTube By Zapatou

Luc Bergeron, a.k.a Zapatou, compiles a series of “Best of Web” trailer that I find it really interesting.

Work Hard And Play Hard – A Game May Make Your Wish Comes True!

This is maybe just an ad, but it does bring out an encouraging message – plays hard!

Video Demo: How To Tie Misc. Scout Knots?

Perhaps everyone knows how to tie a simple knot, but not everyone knows scout knot made for different applications.

Special Edit: Obama Sings Jingle Bells

A music video featuring Barack Obama who sings Jingle Bells.


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