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Lazy Fat Cat

Old cat is not as active as kitten. It won’t bother the mice run in front of it. It crowned as old fat cat, thanks to its natural behavior at this age – eat and sleep too much and little exercise :)

Restaurant Yut Kee Roasted Pork and Pork Chop

I heard this old Hainanese restaurant which is now run by 3rd-generation of its owner. Restaurant Yut Kee (镒记茶餐馆) is famous for pork bun (Roti Babi), roasted pork, Hainanese pork chop/chicken chop, etc.

The Ant Power

I don’t where are the remaining the dead cockroach and yes I agree the weight of this cockroach leg is not really heavy to a human.

The Most Expensive Durian I’ve Ever Had!

Guess how I bought this king of the fruits? I swear it’s the most expensive durian I’ve ever paid – the damage (to money pocket) is exactly RM50 just for one thorny fruit!

Having Steam Fish Head At Air Panas Near Setapak

The restaurant servers its famous steam fish head (of bighead carp)(鳙鱼头/松鱼头). To me, the taste is not bad, but not really supreme taste as compare to restaurant I’ve tried.

Try This Drunken Steamboat At Kampung Coldstream Near Bidor

Have you tried drunken steamboat (醉锅)? Wanted to know how this drunken steamboat tastes? Go for this Restaurant Kuang Hung (群丰酒楼) in Kampung Coldstream (冷水河).

HTC One X Night Scene Photo Quality And Google Picasa Photoshop Effect

Overall, the HTC One X night scene mode photo-shooting is not bad, as seen in original images of KLCC Petronas Twin Towers captured by the best Android smartphone (before Samsung Galaxy S III, perhaps) that comes with 8MP BSI sensor and F2.0 aperture 28mm lens.


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