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The QTP Statement To Check The Object Whether Is Visible Or Invisible Mode

This QTP script will help you to test the web-based object whether it’s in visible or invisible mode.

Use QTP To Execute Command In Windows Command Prompt

If you have an automation test scenario that need to run in the Windows command prompt, here has provided a sample of code to help you.

Object Will Be Different If The Launch Sequence Of Application Are Wrong

The launch sequence of the QTP and application may cause the object recorded appear differently with the one you had been done previously.

To Minimize The QTP Main Page While Executing The Test Script

To minimize the QTP main page while the script is running.

QTP11 Unrecognized Objects And Hit Application Error After Upgrading To .Net Framework 4

If the Microsoft .Net Framework 4 installed after the QTP 11 then you may encounter some problem when executing the test scripts. I have shared my experience in this blogs of how to get this problem resolved.

How To Run Automation Testing For IE9 With The Tool QTP 11

If you are facing problem of executing the automation testing for IE9 with QTP 11, then you may need to add this patch file in order to run the scripts successfully.

How To Record Object On The Popup Window In QTP 10

After trying for so many solution and finally I found that actually QTP10 is not workable in IE7 and IE8, therefore some of the objects appear on the popup window are not able to record in QTP. However, you can record the objects in IE6.


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