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How To Build A Heater With Candles?

It’s not impossible to build a working heater with just ordinary candles, ceramic pots and bricks.

How To Change Network Priority For Windows

If there are more than 1 network available at the same time, and you wanted to prioritize the network according to your need, you can do it at the network connection advanced setting page.

How To Make A Grasshopper From Coconut Leaf?

The making of decorative item, e.g. grasshopper, from coconut tree leaves.

How To Activate The Call Divert Options For Windows Lumia 625

If you can’t find the call divert option in Lumia 625, don’t worry as you can activate the feature by using the code.

How To Turn On And Off The Windows Shutdown Trakcer

If you think the windows shutdown event tracker is annoying, then you can follow the simple steps sharing here to turn it off.

Object Will Be Different If The Launch Sequence Of Application Are Wrong

The launch sequence of the QTP and application may cause the object recorded appear differently with the one you had been done previously.

To Minimize The QTP Main Page While Executing The Test Script

To minimize the QTP main page while the script is running.


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