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Stunning Motion Timelapse of Galaxy And Nature By Shane Black

Shane Black makes it even greater by composing thousands of photos into a breathtaking motion timelapse video featuring the beauty of nature and galaxy.

A Magician’s Cut That Creates Extra Chocolate Before Your Eyes

Your wisdom tells you this is impossible, but then what you see tells you otherwise. How could you make the extra piece of chocolate out from nowhere?

Unusual Way To Open Durian

Stumble upon this video in Facebook, which is said to be Thai style of opening durian (dubbed as the king of the fruit in local).

Sir Richard Branson As Air Asia Stewardess – Not Sexy But Truly Attractive!

Probably, it wasn’t a planned marketing idea, but this past event should have great impact to Air Asia brand!

A Trick Of Using Sound Frequency To Do Water Magic

Who says water must flow down and cannot running up against the gravity? Yes, but the sound frequency can create illusion that makes water to seem like running up from ground.

Oppan Gangnam Style Parody Edited By Stephen Chow Royalty Fan

Unless you’ve just back from Mars, you should know what that “Oppan Gangnam Style” is by now. If you’ve watched most, if not all, of the Stephen Chow comedies, you’ll like this remix too – another parody of the PSY pop song.

The Special Meat Produce In Japan

You dare to eat the meat that produce from human excrement?


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