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How To Make A Grasshopper From Coconut Leaf?

The making of decorative item, e.g. grasshopper, from coconut tree leaves.

The Best Of YouTube By Zapatou

Luc Bergeron, a.k.a Zapatou, compiles a series of “Best of Web” trailer that I find it really interesting.

Work Hard And Play Hard – A Game May Make Your Wish Comes True!

This is maybe just an ad, but it does bring out an encouraging message – plays hard!

Video Demo: How To Tie Misc. Scout Knots?

Perhaps everyone knows how to tie a simple knot, but not everyone knows scout knot made for different applications.

Wedding Invitation Card Of ICT Or Software Professional

Another cool wedding invitation card of software professional.

Sexy And Cute Wedding Invitation Card

For those who are looking for impressive idea of wedding invitation card design, take a look of this sexy template!

The New Modern Tattoo

The traditional tattoo will slowly replace by the modern skill or creativity? There are people injuring their body to make the tattoo look special but is anyone dares to try?


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