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How To Re-activate Windows Or Microsoft Office Without Internet

After you did a fresh installation you need to re-activate the Windows or Office, with the helpful tool it saves your time to do it. Let try this for your next setup.

How To Install Office 2016 Pro Plus Without Internet Connection

In this post will guide you the install and activate your genuine Microsoft Office offiline.

How To Get A Genuine Microsoft Office With A Cheapest Cost

How to get a genuine Microsoft office 2016 with cheapest cost, you will interest to know it so check it out. It’s worth to have it and better than use a pirated copy.

Lumia Cyan Update With Background Photo And Tiles Setting

The new Lumia Cyan update bring more setting to the phone user, now the startup screen can be placed more tiles for the apps and also a setting for background photo to use as wallpaper.

Lumia Cyan Update With the Word Flow Keyboard

The new windows Lumia Cyan updated, one of the feature I like the most is the word flow keyboard. Thank you Microsoft to deliver such useful feature to the Windows Phone user.

Lumia Cyan (Windows 8.1) Start Releasing On July

After waiting for a long period of soft launch (developer preview) version, the new Windows phone OS 8.1 finally start releasing to the Windows phone user on July globally. This update only available to the existing Windows phone 8 user.

How To Change Network Priority For Windows

If there are more than 1 network available at the same time, and you wanted to prioritize the network according to your need, you can do it at the network connection advanced setting page.


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