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Loosen Bolt Without Wrench!

Alternative way to unlock a screw.

How To Build A Heater With Candles?

It’s not impossible to build a working heater with just ordinary candles, ceramic pots and bricks.

No More 5% Cash Rebate For OCBC Titanium Credit Card!

Oh no! Just stumble upon the bad news, and confirmed by OCBC card center operator, that the bank is going to end the 5% cash rebate program after Nov 29, 2013.

OCBC Titanium Credit Card Cash Rebate Calculator

The OCBC Titanium cash rebate credit card is the best in town.

Where Is The Door To Hell?

There is a crater in the Earth which has been burning nonstop since 1971. Yes, it’s still on fire at this time of writing!

A Magician’s Cut That Creates Extra Chocolate Before Your Eyes

Your wisdom tells you this is impossible, but then what you see tells you otherwise. How could you make the extra piece of chocolate out from nowhere?

Maxis Hotlink Free Internet Plan – What Do You Know?

What is the catch of Maxis Hotlink Free Internet prepaid plan? Should I switch from Active10 to this free Internet plan?


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