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How To Remove USB Pendrive Write Protection Checking

If your USB pendrive suddenly added write protection and you intend to remove such protection,you can refer to the steps given to resolve the problem.

How To Instantly Cool Down Car Temperature During Summer?

The trick used by Japanese to instantly lower temperature inside the car.


Last two week 10 April 2011, PETRONAS had launched a new brand of PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 Xtra to replace the existing PRIMAX 95 and it’s more powerful than ever.

The Solar Cell Charger For Multiple Electronic devices

The Solar charger will automatic recharge once putting the product under a strong sunshine coverage area, hence you will no longer need to worry about the mobile phone out of battery anymore.

Sophone Is Crowned As The Best iPhone Clone!

How real an iPhone clone can be?

How To Start The Car With Bypass The Car Alarm

If the car suddenly can not be started without any reason and car alarm also not functioning, then you may need to bypass the alarm to start the car because the car has been locked by the alarm.

Get Rebate When You Pay For The Toll With PLUSMiles TouchnGo Card

Replace a new PLUSMiles TouchnGo Card to start rebate from your daily toll expenses now.


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