Small Cheese

About Small Cheese

I’m not Tyler Durden; I’m not a serious insomniac; and of course, I neither suffer Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) nor I’ve intention to form a community that mimic the Fight Club “created” by Chuck Palahniuk!

However, I’m thinking of having a community for every Small Cheese (who form the majority of the world), to share the experience of life, to spread the words of best hawkers food, to enjoy the funny Gmail junks together, to discover the unlucky / sadness incidents happen under the Sun (and see what could we do for it), to speak about common interests, something that are not welcomed / practiced by the Big Cheese (the minority on the Earth)!
Literally, Big Cheese refers to the VIP on the Earth, who form the minority on this beautiful planet!

Thus, the “Small Cheese” term is then referred to everyone of us (including myself) who are not Big Cheese, who form the majority in this world that we are living today!

When Small Cheese united, we can rock the world!

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