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OCBC Titanium Credit Card Cash Rebate Calculator

To me, as of now, the OCBC Titanium cash rebate credit card is the best in town. Though it caps the monthly cash rebate to 50 bucks, you earn 5% cash rebate for expenses on dining, petrol, utility bill, grocery, and supermarket, while 1% on all other categories.

Specifically, the cash rebate percentage you’ll earn is based on eligible merchants and their associated merchant category codes (MCC) spelled out by the bank. But, the problem is that this MCC is not printed on the receipt. So, to certain extent, only user experience can confirm which percentage is used for which merchant (unless you make a call to OCBC card service center each time before spending with that credit card).

With the help of this Excel-based calculator (use it online or download it for offline editing via Microsoft Excel), you may able to tell which transactions are qualified (by the bank) for 5% or 1% cash rebate calculation (only for reference, no guarantee for its 100% accuracy):

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