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Why HTTP Error 500.21 Occur When Launching IIS 7 In Windows 7

This HTTP error may happen when user try to perform first time setup for ASP.Net web application, so what to do if Error 500.21 occur when the application is loading in windows 7?

If every configuration you have done and confirmed setup correctly but still getting this error message, I will suggest to re-register the .net framework.

I can’t guarantee it will resolve your problem, but this work in my environment. There is no harm to get a try!

1. Open command prompt and run as “administrator”.
2. Type the .Net framework folder path to the command prompt “C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319”
3. Type “aspnet_regiis –i” and wait for the process complete.
4. Reset IIS and load the ASP application.

HTTP 500.21 Error Page
HTTP 500.21 Error Page

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  1. Rega 30-11-14 02:47

    When I click the button Use IIS Web Server, type in teh url of the web acipipatlon (on a remote development server), and attempt to open with the browser, I get Could not find the server http:\\DevServer\Proj1 on teh local machine Also, the Use IIS Web Serer radio button clears and the Use Visual Studio Development Server is automatically set. For some reason, my VS2005 doesn’t want me to open my solution on a remote server ..Any ideas?