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Try This Drunken Steamboat At Kampung Coldstream Near Bidor

Have you tried drunken steamboat (醉锅)? Wanted to know how this drunken steamboat tastes? Go for this Restaurant Kuang Hung (群丰酒楼) in Kampung Coldstream (冷水河).

From Bidor, take the old Federal Road towards Tapah. When you’re about out of Bidor town, look for left turn road sign that points you to Teluk Intan. The Kampung Coldstream entrance is on your left after about 10KM ride. The GPS coordinate on Google Maps is 4.045903,101.239172:

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Drunken steamboat at Kampung Coldstream - 01The soup of drunken steamboatThe common ingredients served for drunken steamboat.Prawns and dumpling.Seafood.The cost for two having drunken steamboat at Kampung Coldstream

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