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China Guilin Trip Itinerary For 5D4N – Day 3

Third day of the trip schedule we will move back to Guilin town.

Day 3

0700 to 0800 – We take breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

0800 to 1010 – We suppose go to Silver Cave first but because the weather seem raining soon so tour guide suggest to reschedule to Yulong River (遇龙河) for side scenic and watch the Cormorants Fishing Show(鱼鹰/鸬鹚抓魚).

1010 to 1130 – We continue to Silver Cave (银子岩).

1150 to 1230 – We take lunch at the restaurant that nearby the Silver Cake, the yam here very delicious and according to the tour guide the Yam in Lipu(荔浦)is the preferred tribute to the King of Qing dynasty.

1230 to 1340 – We depart from Yangshuo back to Guilin town and it takes almost 1 hour.

1340 to 1500 – We stop at Geological and Mineral Museum to see the Jewelry display.

1500 to 1600 – We continue to Guilin Zhen Bao Tibetian Medicine (桂林市雪域珍宝) for foot massage.

1600 to 1700 – After that we go to Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical(桂林三金药业) for the introduction of the famous Chinese medicine Sanjin Watermelon Frost(三金西瓜霜).

1700 to 1800 – We dinner at the restaurant beside the Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical, after that we go to Vienna Hotel where we stay for the first night.

1930 to 2200 – We take taxi from hotel to the night market at xi cheng road/West Road (西城路步行街).
The BreakfastThe Yulong River Is The Place To Watch How The Cormorants FishingThe Bamboo BoatThe Drink And Nut Serve On The Bamboo BoatThe View Of YuLong River遇龙河This Photo Must Be Viewed By Rotate Left You Will Find The Mountain Actually Form A Girl With Head,Chest And StomachOne Of The Cormorants鸬鹚 Catch A Fish And Try To Swallow ItThe Cormorants鸬鹚 In ChinaThe Silver Cave银子岩 - 01The Silver Cave - 02The Silver Cave - 03The Silver Cave - 04Silver Cave-The Golden Key StoneSilver Cave-The King Of Yam In LipuThe View From The Peak Of Silver Cave MountainWe Food In This Farmer House With Air-CondThe Food For LunchThe West Road Night Market西城路步行街

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