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The Swordtail Fish And The Young Swordtail

Swordtail fish is the very famous livebearer fish for beginner therefore I bought some for relaxing also.

Some fish may live in certain PH of water; water temperature and so on, but this fish you can ignore those condition because it doesn’t need special environment moreover it can live without air pump(but in open air or suitable size of aquarium and water level).

The tail of the male fish is more attractive than the female because the tail looks like a sword as the name given. Only the male will have a long tail and some appear single tail and some with two tail.

I have 6 in the aquarium and only 2 male fish, they are some in red and orange colour. After I feed for a month and last two week I found there are some young swordtail swimming around the aquarium.

Now I found some other female seem to pregnant again, I think I would need more container for the young swordtail soon.
SwordTail Fish With Single Tail - 02SwordTail Fish With Single Tail - 01SwordTail Fish With Two Tail - 01SwordTail Fish With Two Tail - 02SwordTail Fish With Two Tail - 03Young Swordtail - 01Young Swordtail - 02Young Swordtail - 03

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