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How To Reset IIS Server In Windows 7

If you have setup the Windows web based application in Windows 7, you will find that you actually can’t perform iisreset in the command prompt although you have assigned to administrator group. If so then how do we execute iisreset in windows 7?

Yes, the reason is due to the windows security checking; therefore if you would like to execute such instrustion you must open the command prompt as “administrator”. For any write instruction must be executed in administrator command prompt except for read instruction like “ipconfig” or “dir”.

For my convenient, I’ve moved the command prompt to the start menu page so that each time when I need to reset iis I just right-click and select “run as administrator” then the administrator command prompt will be opened.

Alternatively, you can
1. Type “cmd” in the Start-Run.

2. Hold the keyboard key “Ctrl+Shift” and then press “enter”. This will open the “administrator” command prompt as well.
Command Prompt Must Be Run As AdministratorPut The Command Prompt On The Start Menu Page

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