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Myanmar(Yangon) Trip Itinerary For 5D4N – Day 4

This day we booked the Horse cart to travel the Bagan City from 0900 to 1800.

Start from time we reach Bagan was raining until night, so we also feel boring and lazy to walk and we just stop the place for short and take photo only. We lunch at Golden Myanmar Food Restaurant and I like their local food.(The food can be refilled).

Day 4
0530 to 0600 – After 12 hours sleep in the bus we finally reach Bagan, there are many taxis waiting to fetch you to hotel. Before we leave Yangon, I have asked the hotel staff to translate the name of the Bagan hotel to Myanmar language.

We very fast getting the taxi because the driver able to read the address that written in Myanmar word. Along the way to hotel, there is 1 guy (the driver’s friend) start introducing and telling the story of the place and recommend the place that we must go. After that he suggests us to take his Horse Cart to round the Bagan town for 1 day. We worry other people may have communication problem so we take his offer for the day trip with his Horse Cart. The most important thing is he can speak and understand English.

0600 to 0900 – We check-in hotel and then breakfast. After that we back to room to take a shower and a short rest.

0900 to 1800 – Start our day trip from New Bagan to Old Bagan and end the trip at New Bagan town, because we want to walk around the town.

1800 to 2300 – We dinner in the hotel restaurant and book transport to airport on the next day.

1. Transport from hotel to Bagan Airport – 5000kyat/car.
The Room We Stay@Kadar Aung HotelThe Corridor Outside The RoomThe Horse Cart That We Book For The Day TourThe Cart Owner Feeding Food To His HorseThe Local Myanmar Food That Can Refill After FinishThe Mixed Vegetable - Tomato,Egg,And Unknown LeafThe Fried Bean SproutThe Curry MuttonThe Curry ChickenThe Bitter GourdThe SoupThe Thanaka Wood Is The Local Cosmetic For Women And GirlThe Very Narrow Door That Must Passby Only Can Reach The PeakThe Temple Reflected In The WaterThe Temple View 01The Temple View 02The Temple View 03The Temple View 04The Temple View 05The Temple View 06The Temple View 07The Temple View 08

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