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Last two weeks petronas Malaysia had launched a new technology brand Primax 95 Xtra; after I tried I can feel this new PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 Xtra has more powerful than ever. I tried it for my Toyota SEG 1.6(A).

First time I refilled full tank when fuel was running low on 11 April 2011, at first I really didn’t feel any perhaps the car engine still not ready to accept the new brand of petrol. However, when I started to pump second time for full tank I really can feel the power of the car engine. It runs very smooth and has fastest pickup power. Besides, the sound of the car engine also has slightly improvement – Less noice than previous.

I’ve posted a survey in the car forum to collect some feedback from the car owner who had tried it, most of them have a positive feedback where they can feel that the engine sound has been improved but not really all feel the power (5:5).

I understand this is very subjective as it may due to the car type, the engine capability and some other reason; anyhow this is just my experience and may not apply to you.

Try and feel it, you will have the answer!

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