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Driving From Malaysia To Hat Yai For 2D2N

Last weekend I had a very special oversea trip where I was driving from Malaysia-Klang to Thailand-Hat Yai.

I departed from Klang at 2200 and reached Malaysia-Thailand border at 0530 next day morning. I started at Setia Alam NKVE Toll and exit at Bukit Kayu Hitam Toll which is around 500KM.

After we successfully passed through the Thailand Custom then I took out my phone and turned on the Garmin GPS to see the direction to Hat Yai town. Basically there is only 1 straight highway to the town which is around one hour journey, but for safety better to turn it on so that will not get lost.

We stayed at Golden Crown Plaza Hotel which is very convenient and near to the town and the Marketplace. We almost spend our time in the famous marketplace – Hat Yai Bazaar, there are so many thing can buy with very low selling price. Besides, there are also many foods like the Mango rice, the Pork noodle, Seafood and the Tom Yam soap which I like the most. At night we went to the town market near the Lee Gardens Plaza shopping. We also bought some local junk food from there but need to know how to bargain to get the better price.

We are very enjoy the trip although very tire for driving 8 hours to Thailand, but I’ll plan it again as this is not a costly oversea trip.

Basic expenses (To and Fro):
Highway Toll – MYR 126.6
Fuel – MYR 120
Car Insurance (Thai) – MYR 16
Toll fee when back to Malaysia – pay at Malaysia Custom – MYR 3.60/car

1. There is only 1 24-hours Caltex petrol station I found nearby the Changlun Bus Terminal (1Km before the terminal).
2. Purchase Thailand car insurance at Changlun food center for only MYR 16 for 9 days. Photocopy of the car registration card and submit to the agent and they will proceed to prepare the insurance.
3. White card can either buy from the agent for MYR 0.50 each or request from the Thailand Custom office for FOC.
4. The Custom Office opens at 0600 to 0000 daily, so the time I reached there are many buses queue up already.
5. Suggest changing the Thai Baht at the shop – HatYai Variety Travel Service because the currency rate is much better than Malaysia.
6. Some of the local there can speak Hokkien very well, luckily we know so we can communicate easily.
7. Remember to visit the Tesco Lotus and Carrefour, because there are so many cheap products like hair shampoo which I find that is half price of the same product selling in Malaysia.

To Thailand
8. The driver needs to collect the passenger’s passport (passenger can sit in the car) and then submit to the Malaysia custom officer when crossing the Malaysia Custom.
9. When reach to Thailand Custom, park the car beside the building and the car owner need to stamp the passport first only go to another counter(In the middle lane) to submit the crossing document to obtain vehicle import permit.
10. Passenger need to carry their own luggage and to queue up to stamp the passport at Thailand Custom. After that wait for the car owner driving the car to perform scanning only then get into the car. Remember to check the copy of permit that return by the officer to make sure that belong to the car owner.

Back To Malaysia
11. When reach Thailand Custom just park the car beside the building and the car owner need to submit the car permit first only go to queue up at another counter to stamp the passport. Some time the officer may need you to submit the permit when crossing the Custom before you can drive to park the car.
12. Passenger not need to carry any luggage but the passport and the white card.
13. When back to Malaysia Custom, the driver needs to collect the passenger’s passport (the passenger can sit in the car) and submit to the officer to stamp the passport.
The HatYai Variety Travel Service Where To Book Hotel And Currency Exchange Which Just Opposite The Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel

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  1. Lee 02-12-11 16:12

    hi, may I know what time the Changlun Food center open in order for us to purchase Thailand car insurance? I’m stay in Klang too, decided to drive up to Hatyai at 11pm, so, trust reach there will be very early.

    Thanking you in advance for yr kind advice.


  2. nooneknow2009 06-12-11 09:12

    I think it’s open 24hrs, last time I reached there around 0430 already many people in the shop buying the insurance and the white card.

    *If u r not rushing u can get the white card from Thailand custom office for FOC.

  3. leslie 09-02-16 02:39

    great sharing..