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How To Know Who Is Calling When There Is A Miscall And The Number Is Not In The Contact List

Some time we may have miscalled from someone, it could be from family, friends or colleague. We will know if the number appears in the contact list, but what if the number is not in the list?

I have a very interesting experience to share with you. When I saw the number that does not appear in my contact list I usually do two things:

1. If the call is a mobile phone number and sometime I will send SMS to ask who is calling me.

2. If the call is a fixed line number then I will type the number in Google to search for the answer, some time I got the answer but some time no.

Normally the fixed line number is calling from office, so it may be easy to know if that number appears on the company official site or there is someone posted the number in somewhere.

After I checked if the call is unimportant I will ignore it because normally is calling from bank to propose insurance or credit card unless there are some others reason.

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