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Flower Of Sand Ginger And Garlic Chive Captured With Nokia N8

All of these photos were taken with Nokia N8, the world first smart phone running Symbian^3 Platform in the market and also being the first mobile device built with stunning 12 megapixel camera unit.

I have to admit, however, the original photos are not bad but none these images in the gallery is without touch-up using PhotoShop!

The main feature in this gallery is sand ginger flower. Sand ginger is one of my favorite spice for steam chicken.

Although there is only one shot of garlic chive flower, it is nice at just one go – the flower is sharp and background is nicely defocus by the Carl Zeiss optics.

Am happy to have these two veges cultivated successfully in my real “happy farm” :-)
Flower of garlic chiveThe focal black and white effect outstands the aromatic ginger flower.Flower-Of-Sand-Ginger-08Flower-Of-Sand-Ginger-07Flower-Of-Sand-Ginger-04Flower-Of-Sand-Ginger-01Flower-Of-Resurrection-Lily-10Flower-Of-Resurrection-Lily-09Flower-Of-Resurrection-Lily-06Flower-Of-Resurrection-Lily-03Flower-Of-Aromatic-Ginger-10Flower-Of-Aromatic-Ginger-09Flower-Of-Aromatic-Ginger-08Flower-Of-Aromatic-Ginger-05

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