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Why The Credit Card Holder Must Sign At The Back Of The Card

Did you ever ask yourself why I need to sign at the back of the credit card, is that secure to let everyone see my signature? Any security reason of this action can protect the card usage?

Referring to this issue I purposely send an email to the card issuer and I receive a response on the following day. The mail explains this implementation is convenient to the merchant to identify the right holder upon performing a transaction. If this is the reason then why I don’t need to identify when making payment for online reservation, fuel refill and so on like kiosks. I can perform those transactions without sign at the back of the card.

This is a useless protection and may open chances to somebody to learn the signature when the card is lost or stolen. That’s why there are so many clone cards, once they clone the card they will easily use the card to sign for the transactions because they already learn the signature appear at the back of the card. Imagine how worse if the person stand behind you who can use the same card no. and signature with you to perform a transaction. If the cards without signature do you think anyone can guess what is the signature for that card? The answer is no. Even the card with signature, did you ever notice that if you perform transaction during peak hours in the shopping mall whether the cashier verify the signature?

If really want to protect the card, the merchant should request the customer to key in the card PIN no. to confirm the card together with the signature. I believe this will be more secured than just compare the signature sign at the back. What do you think?

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