Small Cheese

Catching Twilight At Broga Hill

That was the first hiking trip at Broga Hill, with a wish of doing time-lapse photography for the moment of twilight to sunrise (but failed eventually ☹)

The Broga Hill hiking trail indicated by Sony GPS-CS1Broga Hill trekking trail on Google Maps indicated by Nokia 5800Twilight at Broga HillSunrise at Broga HillAt the 4th peak of Broga HillMist blanketing oil palm estateFire cloud at Broga HillPicturesque scenery of Broga HillSilvergrass at Broga HillGroup of hikers resting atop the giant rockResting at the peak of Broga HillEnjoy the scenes around Broga HillAnother shoot of fire cloud and mistThe conical peak of Broga HillBroga Hill is also known as grass mountainA wasp lingers on withered stemScenic view of Broga Hill inspires photography enthusiastsHikers moving up to higher peak of Broga HillLonely miscanthus flowerCropped image of the silver-grass flowerHot lady hiker at Broga HillAnother close-up shot of silver-grass flowerMiscanthus flowerDried trunk at Broga HillAnother withered trunkYet another withered trunkColourful Lantana camara at Broga HillHikers coming down from Broga HillThe Golden Gate Bridge at Broga town?

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