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Sungai Lembing Rainbow Waterfall 2D1N Trip

Did you ever hear about the well known rainbow waterfall in Malaysia? Well, the rainbow waterfall is located in Sungai Lembing, Pahang which is about 42Km northwest of Kuantan town, Malaysia. Last weekend was Malaysia public holiday so my friend had organized a trip to visit this amazing place, with curious of the rainbow waterfall so I had registered myself to the visitors list.

This was my first trip to visit Sungai Lembing. We had all together 62 people who confirmed for the trip, so we went there by renting a bus for 42 people and some to get there by driving their own car. We set off from KL at 12.15 am Saturday and reached Sungai Lembing at 5.30 am. The bus stopped at the empty area, and then we went to the nearest food court to have breakfast. The food was cheap and delicious. After breakfast then we met in front of the food court at 7.00 am and waiting for the 4WD Ford Ranger to carry us to the rainbow waterfall. The journey was about an hours to reach the starting point of the rainbow waterfall. After we reached the place we only found that the water level of the river was very high until waist and the current was very quick. According to the driver it was something that unpredictable because in normal day the water level was below knee. The driver pulling the string to the river and sent 1 person crossed the river to tie the string at the other end so that we could hold the string to cross the river because the river was around 10 meter wide. It was challenging and something different from my past hiking experience.

After we crossed the river then we started trekking to the rainbow waterfall. Along the way to the waterfall we required to cross some short river. I took around an hour to reach the waterfall because I walked slowly and snapshot some photo along the way. I was exciting to see the rainbow that was very clear and close to me. The driver told us that we were lucky because on Friday night had a heavy rain otherwise we would not be able to see the rainbow because in normal day the water cascaded down the mountainsides was very little and not able to form a nice rainbow. According to the driver the best time to see the rainbow was from 0800 – 1100. We did our lunch in this nice scenery place. We enjoyed the time at the waterfall until 12.00 pm then only back to the car. We reached Sungai Lembing Town around 2.00 pm, so we went straight to the low cost hostel (Sg Lembing Rest House) checked in. After we took a shower, we rested for around 2 hours in the hostel or could be longer because after 2.00pm was free and easy time whether you like to sleep in hostel or walked around the street.

I chose to go out walked around the town. That day was a sunny day so I had ordered ABC (Mixed Ice) in one of the shop to let myself feel better. I walked around the street until 6.00 pm then only met them to have dinner in the food court (at behind). The food was cheap and the price was reasonable, we ordered 6-7 tables and it cost MYR110 per table which served with 5 dishes of main courses (Chicken, Vegetable, Taufu, Fish, and Soup). After dinner then we walked to the hanging bridge that was in the town and near the police station. Around 9.00 pm we went to the famous shop to buy the baked pork. After eating the pork we all went back to hostel and ready for sleeping, because we needed to wakeup at 4.00 am next day for the Panorama Mountain trekking.

On Sunday morning, we all managed to wake up at 4.00 am. We packed all the equipment like tripod for camera and torch light then gather in front of the hostel at 5.00 am. We started trekking to Panorama Mountain at 5.00 am sharp and reached the peak around 6.00 am because I walked slowly. The height of Panorama Mountain was around 818 Meter. After we reached at the peak then we looked for a better place to set the camera to snapshot sunrise. That day got heavy fogs so the sunrise view was not as good as we expected. We descended at 7.30 am and reached the Market/ food court around 8.10 am. We ordered the San Shui Taufu and some noodle as breakfast. The recommended food that must try were San Shui Taufu and the Tomato noodle. These two were the famous food in Sungai Lembing. After enjoying the breakfast then we walked around the town because on Sunday there was a morning market for the resident. We met at 9.30 am to visit the Sungai Lembing Mining Museum. The admission fee of the museum was free of charge. After visiting the museum then we went to the ex-mining factories site but after we reached the place only knew we were not allowed visiting the place due to some reason. There was a long hanging bridge to the ex-mining site which had 100 years of history according to the resident there. After crossing the hanging bridge there was a famous Lembing Noodle factory. We changed the original plan from ex-mining to the noodle factory to see the making noodle. We bought 1 pack of noodle which was enough for 3 people for MYR2.80. After visiting the factory then we went to the Hwo Hwa restaurant in the Lembing town which just behind the food court / Wet Market for lunch. It cost MYR 130 per table which including few main courses (Chicken, Fish, Tomato Noodle, Vegetable, Pork Rib with salt egg and Taufu). After lunch we went to one of the shop to buy the famous Lembing Coconut Biscuit. We checked out at 1.00 pm and then ready to back KL at 1.30 pm.

Total expenses for the trip
MYR 55 for Bus (KL- Lembing – KL),
MYR 35 for 4WD Ford Ranger
MYR 20 for Sg Lembing Rest House
MYR 30 for Dinner and Lunch
MYR 30++ for Breakfast and Light Food
The Sungai Lembing Food CourtOne Of The Small River Along The Way To Rainbow WaterfallThe River Full Of StoneThere Are Many Rock Before Reaching Rainbow WaterfallThe Rainbow Can Be Found Near The GroundThe Wonderful Rainbow WaterfallThe Beauty And Clear Rainbow View From The HillThe 4WD Ford Ranger That Carry Us To Rainbow WaterfallThe Hostel That I Stayed - Sg Lembing Rest HouseThe Room Of The Sg Lembing Rest HouseThe Room Of Sg Lembing Rest House Can Be shared With 16 PeopleABC Was A Nice Dessert For A Sunny DayThe Famous Shop That Selling Baked PorkThe Delicious Baked PorkThis Sg Lembin Town In The Early Morning 4amThe Panorama Mountain Morning ViewThe Panorama Mountain View Before SunriseThe Sunrise View At Panorama MountainThe Sea Cloud View From Panorama MountainThe Panorama Mountain ViewThe Sg Lembing San Shui TaufuThe Famous Sg Lembing Tomato NoodleThe Main Gate Of The Sg Lembing MuseumThe Sg Lembing Museum Visiting TimeThe Hanging Bridge To THe Ex-Mining FactoryThe Famous Sg Lembing Noodle FactoryThe Pieces Of Pre-Process NoodleThe Pre-process Noodle That Only Can Keep For Few HoursThe Processed Noodle That Can Keep For 1 Week If Keep in RefrigeratorThe Famous Sg Lembing Coconut Biscuit

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  1. ah haur 07-07-10 09:12

    Just would like to ask you did you have a contact no for the rental house at there?


  2. nooneknow2009 07-07-10 22:29

    Yes, sorry to keep you waiting ……here are the contacts………

    Hotel : (Mdm.Chan) 6012-9009622
    (Mr.Lee) 6019-9062193
    (Mr.Hoong) 6012-9086397

    * 3 contacts are for the same hotel, can choose either one.

    4WD : (Mr. Lee) 6016-9238639

  3. Swee Lan 02-09-10 09:48

    I wish to book the “Sungai Lembing Rainbow Waterfall 2D1N Trip”. How can I do that?
    I have a group of 6-8 persons. Is it still available on 10th & 11th Sept 2010?


  4. nooneknow2009 02-09-10 16:42

    First of all, I’m not the agent to organize the trip, you should get the contacts from the above to arrange yourself.

    What you need is the hostel and landover car, please book as soon as possible. If you got no idea perhaps can use my itinerary as references.

    Enjoy your holidays!

  5. anton 17-06-14 13:42

    Hallo,do you have the contact of for the Ford ranger?

  6. SmallCheese 24-06-14 00:45

    The contacts are on 2nd comment.
    Usually, the hostel/accommodation owners can arrange transport to waterfall.