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How To Know When Someone Login Your Facebook Account?

You care about privacy and thus using a strong password for login to Facebook. So, you may also like to get notified when someone login your Facebook account, just in case the password accidentally leaked to third party by Trojan / keylogger infection (as a result of security software malfunction).

How to enable Facebook Account Security feature for receiving notification of suspicious login activity

1) Login to Facebook

2) Click the Account link on top-right corner and select Account Settings from the option menu

Facebook account security feature

3) Click on the “Account Security” link to expand it – set the option to YES and hit the Submit button:

Facebook account security option.

After turn on the Facebook Account Security option

1) When you or someone login to your Facebook account on a computer that is either never been used before for this purpose or its web browser cache has been cleared, then a new page is displayed asking user to register that computer in question before loading the News Feed or anything of your account.

If Account Security is turned on, Facebook requires user to register the computer used to login Facebook account.

2) Next, Facebook endeavours to notify / alert account owner about the incident via registered email address.

The “register computer” page forces the “bad guy” to choose either leave without access to personal information in Facebook or get Facebook to notify you about this incident via registered email (don’t ever use the same password for online accounts).

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