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What Is RHEL Installation Number?

There is an official reference of RHEL installation number, which is also known as subscription number or registration number.

Brief of the RHEL installation number:

1) RHEL installation number is used to determine what packages are entitled for the user’s subscription and is used by rhn_register to automatically register the system to the right RHN channels.
RHH, short for Red Hat Network, served as an official depository of latest packages and patches for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. RHN is similar to Microsoft Update but RHN includes additional features than simply provide system update.

2) Unlike software license like Windows 7 product key and activation key, RHEL installation number is not bind to the hardware. Indeed, RHEL installation number is unique per order / subscription. So, it is possible to install RHEL 5 on multiple servers with the same installation number.

3) If you choose to skip entering the installation number during RHEL installation, then only the core operating system components will be installed (sort of tiny RHEL installation with minimal functionality). However, you can install additional packages at post-installation if you register the system to RHN via the rhn_register command. The installation number is not needed when registering to RHN if the subscription has been activated.

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