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What Is Reader_sl.exe? Can It Be Disabled?

As shown in Windows 7 System Configuration, the Reader_sl.exe starts running automatically after Windows boots up:

Is it safe to disable the reader_sl.exe, a.k.a. Speed Launcher.

With reference to The Adobe Synchronizer, this reader_sl.exe should be the Adobe Speed Launcher program.
According to Adobe Help Resource Center, Speed Launcher is installed by Adobe Reader into the Windows startup group. The only function of Speed Launcher, as its name implies, is to shorten the time needed to start Adobe Reader.

Question: Is it safe to disable reader_sl.exe?

Answer: No harm to disable it. If you have an old computer system and do feel the slow responding of Adobe Reader after disable it, then just turn it on again.

Steps to disable or turn on Speed Launcher

Using my Windows 7 as a guide:

1) Click Start button, type msconfig.exe and press ENTER key to bring up the System Configuration dialog box (as the one shown in screenshot above).

2) Go to Startup tab, locate the Reader_sl.exe in Command column, untick the checkbox of it and click OK button to complete. (You may defer system restart by select “Exit without restart” button in the pop-up message box.)

To turn on the disabled startup item again, in this case the Speed Launcher, just tick its check box and click OK button.

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