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How To Fix Windows Update Error 80072EFD?

There are few possible causes of Windows Update error 80072EFD. One of them is incorrect WinHTTP proxy server setting that referred by Windows Update program.

If you’re are using laptop and connect to Internet via proxy server (very common in corporate office environment), then it is VERY likely your Windows Update error code 80072FD is caused by the WinHTTP proxy server setting (when you move from one office network to another and each with different proxy server IP address).
Unlike Windows Live Messenger and most Microsoft network-enabled programs, Windows Update (at least in Windows Vista and Windows 7) does not referring to Internet Explorer proxy server setting.

Thus, while you can surf the Net in IE, Firefox, etc, Windows Update stills fail with that unfriendly 80072EFD error code, unless the WinHTTP proxy server setting is also updated accordingly.

How to configure Windows Update proxy server setting defined in WinHTTP?

Open an elevated Command Prompt window, i.e. a true administrator Command Prompt in Windows Vista and Windows 7:

How to open elevated Command Prompt window in Windows 7, Windows Vista, etc?
  1. Click Windows Start button,
  2. Type cmd,
  3. Right click cmd.exe shortcut appears atop in the Programs listing and select “Run as Administrator” option.

To update / change WinHTTP proxy server (e.g. to IP port 3355) for Windows Update to work, type this netsh command in the elevated Command Prompt and press ENTER key to execute (replace the IP:port according to yours):
netsh winhttp set proxy

To disable Windows Update from using proxy server, execute this netsh command to reset the WinHTTP proxy server setting to “Direct Access”:
netsh winhttp reset proxy

[ With reference to Microsoft KB 836941 and How To Fix Windows Update Error 80072EFD In Vista SP1?. ]

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