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Google Cache VS Google Translate: Which One To Use?

Most people know, except novice, that Google Cache and Google Translate can be used to browse some Internet contents that are not available explicitly or directly (e.g. blocked or filtered by firewall or proxy server).

Now, how many people know which of these two services is best to view hidden contents behind the firewall / proxy server? In other words, when to use Google Cache or Google Translate?
This trick is only applicable if the firewall or proxy server doesn’t filter Google domain or block contents by scanning keywords in URL.

Google Translate

If you want to view the most latest update in a web page that filtered or blocked by firewall / proxy server, use Google Translate service (go to the “Translate a web page” section).

Can Google Translate works if the web page is in English? Yes, it works, at least for now.

Regardless what language is specified in the “From” option drop box, as long as the “To” option is set to English, the English web page is presented as it, just like this:

Google Translate tips.

Google Cache

If you want to take a QUICK peek of the web page content that blocked by firewall / proxy server AND not bother about LATEST content update (e.g. user-generated comments) as well as multimedia files like image, flash object, etc, THEN use Google Cache with “Text-only version”:

Google Cache Tips

1) Go to Google Web Search text box and prefix cache: to the URL of web page that you would like to see:

Where is Google Cache service?

For those who are using Google Chrome web browser, just use the Address bar as Google Web Search text box:

How to use Google Cache service?

2) Some of web pages take long time to load, even in the Google Cache. To speed it up, click the “Text-Only version” link (as shown in the above screenshot).

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