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How To Remove Fan Page From Facebook Account?

Very often you’re invited to “Become a fan” of a Facebook page, e.g. SmallCheese@Facebook which has zero fan now :-(.

After become a fan, how could you remove the connection to the fan page, for whatever reasons you have in mind?
Fan pages, if granted, can access your profile information, photos, friends’ info and other content:

Facebook fan page requires access to personal information.

Steps to remove Facebook fan page connection

Bear in mind that Facebook changes its user interface from time to time:

Access to your Facebook profile page.1) While in News Feed page, click your profile picture or “View my profile” link on the top-left corner. Alternatively, click the “Profile” link on the top-right corner.

View the list of all your friends in Facebook2) On the left pane of Profile page, there you will see the Friends box – click the “View all” link.

3) Click the Pages link Facebook-Fan-Page on left pane to list all Facebook fan pages you have.

Remove-Facebook-Fan-page4) Click the “x” icon and then “Remove” button to confirm your wish to Become NOT a fan of a page :-)

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