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What Is Virus RECYCLED.SCR And How To Remove It

In the computer world, there are many challengers keep on challenge the technology or illegal access to people computer for fun. Virus is one of the “scary” programs that may destroy your important file.

Recently my notebook was infected by a virus named [RECYCLED.SCR]. The frustrated thing is the antivirus didn’t manage to detect and delete such virus before it can access to the computer. The impact of getting this virus will disable you from opening the hard drive by double click. The only way to open the hard drive is right click and then select open. Besides, this virus will also duplicate some processes to run simultaneously therefore the computer always running in low performance.

If you are so unlucky getting this virus, you may follow my solution to remove it.

Step 1
Perform searching and then straight away delete the virus. If you can’t perform this action, advice to reboot the computer into Safe Mode only then deletes the file again.

*Please remember enable the “show hidden file” option for the folder view.

Step 2
Download a tool [fixdrives.exe] to fix the double click problem.

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  1. nooneknow2009 10-05-10 17:03

    Actually there are some other ways to prevent from virus attack; one of the simple ways is to disable/cancel the autorun action when external devices connected to the system.

    If the device has infected by virus and you perform double click then the virus will be triggered and allocate to your local drive.

    To open the folder from external device, you can do this:
    – Go to “My computer” then right click the device and select “open”.

  2. rejanzeneli 02-12-10 17:31

    You can use The EXPLORER on My Computer to open it.

    But also you can use this command to show the files or folders that are not shown in your Device.

    attrib -h -s -r """FILENAME"""."""EXT...""""

    For Example

    attrib -h -s -r rejanzeneli.bat

    and if you dont know which folder or file is hidden in your drive then just do like this

    attrib -h -s -r  """and here hit the TAB button until you find the file or folder not shown in Drive"""

    Maybe This will help to remove all the folders and files that are not usable and are virus for your pc.

  3. IchiIchi 24-01-11 11:25

    My office PC just got infected, and I have to remove them in Safe Mode. But after the removal, my PC started having 0x8e BSoD! I just wonder if it is common?

  4. WhoKnow 25-01-11 09:18

    I’m not too sure, but for me no such error occur. Try to reboot your machine and check Event Viewer see what kind of error of this.