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Wedding Invitation Card Of ICT Or Software Professional

Here is another creative inspiration, titled as “Software professional’s wedding invitation card”, found in my funny junk mail folder.

The wedding invitation of Indian couple appears as a Dell laptop, but the logo purposely written as Wedding Bell. Inside the wedding invitation card is Windows XP Desktop, with Microsoft Word opened and written with date/time and venue of the dinner as well as some short but sweet sentences.

Besides, the Desktop icons name is changed to suit the theme of love.

At the back of wedding card is the traditional love symbol.The font cover of invitation card looks like a Dell laptop logo but written as Wedding Bell.

Windows XP Desktop icon named under the wedding theme.Wedding invitation card with Dell-XP laptop theme for ICT professional is themed

The close-up screenshot of wedding dinner detail that written on the Word document.

The detail of wedding dinner is written in the Microsoft Word.

The love story of couple is written on the keyboard, with some of keys creatively used to represent literal meaning used in sentences.

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  1. giri_keren 26-05-10 00:36

    really cool! I wish i have one :D