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Images Of Bukit Tabur East Flora Taken On 24th of Jan 2010

Here are some images of flora observed during the first Bukit Tabur East hiking trip on 24th of Jan 2010. Maybe because of rather dry weather at this near spring season, not much attractive flora was observed. There were some mushroom at somewhere but appeared to be at its end of life.

After applying green filter, the silhouette of conifer tree looks like an ink and wash painting, a.k.a. shui-mo hua or 水墨畫 in Mandarin.Photoshop the original shoot of pine tree branches by adjusting contrast.Photoshop the unknown shrub with total black and white effect.Unknown shrub observed at Bukit Tabur East hiking trail.Unknown little violet flowers observed near the trailhead of Bukit Tabur East.Close-up shoot of the unknown little violet flowers near the Bukit Tabur East trailhead.A bunch of wild fig.Photograph of fig-like fruit tree taken at different angle.Another close-up view of wild fig.

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