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Lucky The Dog At Bukit Tabur East

I have no idea where does this dog come from nor do I know its name. I am just calling it Lucky, the dog that followed us during the hiking trip at Bukit Tabur East. Hopefully it is not an abandoned dog :-(

The videos recorded as one of us offering it some food, basically bread, as an appreciation for its voluntary service, i.e. accompany us without condition.

I am guessing it will save us from potential accidents. If it stops and barks in fierceness or fear at a point, that could be hint of something not good is going to happen. Although I never see something bad (that people call that as ghost or whatever) nor do I believe in god, I believe that dog can sense something unusual well than human do. (There are few fatal accidents happened there, mostly are hikers.)

If you see this dog in your coming Bukit Tabur hiking trip, don’t be afraid to get close with it. Lucky is friendly, as you can see my friend even gave out a helping hand to pull it up from the slope, while it certainly can make it :-)

A dog, like many other wild animals, will not attack people madly unless it is illness, hungry, or being frightened.

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  1. Papa Meow 20-03-10 12:16

    Actually, that is peace, my dog hahaha
    my house nearby there~ Albakri