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First Hiking At Bukit Tabur East

During my first hiking trip at Bukit Tabur, I didn’t know there are two (or probably more) hiking trails. Indeed, both routes are leading to different quartz ridge, with different scene and physical challenge.

After trying the Bukit Tabur East hiking trail, I feel that the east trail is tougher and is really require good stamina to conquer. And I guess that most of the fatal accidentals in the past should be happened in the east trail.

Here are some of the photographs took on 24th of Jan 2010, with the Nokia 5800 3.2 megapixel digital camera. While some of these images were geotagged on the field by the Nokia 5800 GPS tagging feature (and thus with altitude data recorded by its GPSr), others were geotagged off the field with the help of Sony GPS-CS1 and Sony Image Tracker software.
Bukit Tabur East Hiking TrailThere is much crystal-like quartz in Bukit Tabur East hiking trail.The Kuala Lumpur skyline view in the morning.Second shoot of Kuala Lumpur skyline with Nokia 5800.Third shoot of KL view from Bukit Tabur East hiking trail.Different angle of view, looking at the Klang Gates Dam from Bukit Tabur East hiking trail.The cloud lingers above the water catchment of Klang Gates Dam.This is perhaps the toughest and most dangerous quartz ridge to be conquered at Bukit Tabur East hiking trail.Another piece of crystal-like quartz found at Bukit Tabur East.Steep cliff and high ridge at Bukit Tabut East.The hikers conquered the toughest ridge of Bukit Tabur East.It is possible to climb without relying much on the rope, but it is safer and easier to climb down later with the rope made and left by the good hikers.This is probably a piece of low grade crystal rock at Bukit Tabur East.A close-up shoot of the crystal-like quartz found in Bukit Tabur East.Suppose there was no cloud lingers at the remote mountain, the Genting Highlands resort is in the sight.

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