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Check Vehicle Tyre Expiry

How to ensure that we are not using the expired tire?

The way of checking is very simple by looking at the label something like “1408”. This is the date of manufacture and usually the vehicle tire has around 4-year validity period. If you are using the expired tire it may burst if running for long journey and cause it overheat because the rubber component may have hardened and cracked.

I have been advised by a close mechanic that should not take the newest deliver tire however the one delivered after 1 month to the workshop. The reason is the rubber of the newest deliver still very “Soft” and not suit for using.

Here showing you how to check whether the tire is expired?

Vehicle Tyre Expiry Date
Vehicle Tyre Expiry Date

The first two digits represent the week of manufacturing and last two digits represent the year of manufacturing. This mean the displayed tire is manufactured on April 2008 (One year has 52 weeks).
14 = Week 14 of year 2008
08 = 2008

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