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Simply Touch Up Could Bring Boring Image Alive!

Everyone can shot an image with the ubiquitous digital camera, but not everyone can shot an eye-catching photograph every time, everywhere. If it is not because of bad composition or perspective, then most likely it is ruined by the contrast and brightness.

The latter case, however, could be easily compensated off the field. A simple touch up, or photoshopping, by simply adjusting the contrast and brightness with image editor could make it alive in no time. If contrast and brightness adjustment could not create a miracle, then turn it to black and white, sepia, etc.

As you navigate the following gallery, you should agree that the original close-up shot of rose flower, produced on the field by Sony Alpha 200 DSLR, does not appear nice. Of course it is not problem of Sony DSLR or the cheap bundled lens kit; it is my photography skill that kills it.

However, it looks much better, to me perspective, in the three different touch up results, as compare to the original macro shot.
A photoshopping result of using focal black and white and color shifting.Touch up the rose flower shot taken at Cameron Highlands Rose Garden.How to turn the background of image into black and white while the object remains in original colour?The original macro shot of rose flower taken by Sony Alpha 200 at Cameron Highlands.

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