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How Many Minutes Needed To Cook Delicious Half-Boiled Eggs?

As far as my memory can recall, I took two half-boiled eggs every morning while I was studying at primary school. I couldn’t resist skipping breakfast with this as its taste simply the best!

Best of all, those eggs were all from few of the home-rear hens that never kept inside cage. The old folks believe those eggs are healthier and tasty than those off-the-shelf, because the home-rear hens take all natural feedstock and definitely happier for the freedom of wandering around a wide and natural compound.

Well, I started to refute this idea after learning “science” :-(. Anyway, I miss that taste, frankly speaking. As I grow older, I start to learn moving away from stubborn (though not really successful) and willing to give it a try once in a blue moon.

If you would like to try, or to retry, and wonder how much time you need to make a real half-boiled eggs, I share with you here, with the reference of time and boiling egg taking from a recent trip to Sungkai Hot Spring & SPA resort at Perak.

With this reference, I suppose it meets all your needs, whether to make a perfect well done or hard boil egg, soft boil or half-boiled egg, 1/4 boil or 3/4 boil egg. All you need is to make sure heat the water to boil first before putting in the raw eggs and then keep an eye on the stopwatch or count the passing minutes.
Stir the yolk and albumen of soft boiled eggs, mixed with little pepper or seasoning at your wish. The taste is good if taking when it is still hot.This is the half boiled eggs after cooking for 3 minutes in a bowl of boiling water.The reference of relationship between time and degree of boil eggs. Good for everyone, whether you prefer to cook well done full boiled egg, soft boil or half boil egg, 1/4 boil or 3/4 boil egg. The reference is taking from Sg. Klah Hot Spring and SPA resort at Sungkai, Perak.

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