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Special Heart Shape Pomelo Flesh Looks Sweet!

To many people, especially Malaysian or Ipoh visitors, Tambun pomelo is a must-try local fruit. To me, I just like this Chinese grapefruit, regardless where it is from, sweet or sour. Indeed, the sour pomelo flesh tastes much better if apply little salt onto it.

For the coming Valentine day, if you could find a heart shape pomelo flesh to serve your beloved after a romantic dinner, I believe that will be the perfect Valentine dessert for the night.

I found of this special pomelo flesh, exactly seven days before the Valentine day of 2008:
Heart shape Chinese grapefruit flesh.Close up view of the heart shape pomelo flesh.

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  1. Devil 17-01-10 17:40

    so….did u keep it until valentine’s day? or eat it straight away? =P