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How To Open docx File In Office 2003

Some company may have upgraded to office 2007, what if you need to open and read the file in the machine where only office 2003 installed.

The word file saved in office 2007 is in .docx (Microsoft Office Word Document) format; therefore office 2003 unable to recognize the file because office 2003 format is .doc (Microsoft Word Document). To solve this problem I have 2 options suggested to you.

1. Change the default setting to word97-2003 (.doc) format. Screen below will guide you through the setting. After you set it, the next and subsequent document you save will be defaulted to .doc.
(Office Icon – Word Options – Save)

Ms Word 07 - Word Option Button

Ms Word 07 - Save Option Setting

2. Install the office compatibility pack into office 2003; the installer can be obtained from Microsoft website, if you can’t find it type “Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack” you should be able to get it.

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