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New Release of VM Player 3

Hurry! Hurry! New version of VM player is available to download now. You should experience the different look and feel in the release.

For those who still using the old version of VMplayer, if you need to create a new virtual environment you have to purchase VM workstation or using VM server to do the setup like create hard drive, attach network device, and attach CDROM and so on. Another alternative solution is to download the pre-installed product from Vmware.

With the release of VM player 3 you now can do all these without the VM workstation anymore because you are actually using part of the VM workstation features where you are allowed to create virtual environment and it is totally free of charge. By referring to the old version of VM player, there is no GUI assists the user to attach CDROM, create hard disk or add new hardware. The only way is to edit the configuration file in order to change or remove the devices. In the new version it is totally different look and feel.

Although that new enhancement give us more convenient than older version but there are some feature you have to purchase only entitle to use like snapshots, record/replay and more (these can be found in VM workstation). As for basic use like environment platform testing, application testing and configuration learning is more than enough. Those advanced feature actually suitable for commercial use such as snapshots. The snapshots feature work similar like a restore point that you can find in Windows OS. However, it is not only restoring the OS but also roll back everything to the snapshot you selected. It is very helpful to the IT user to compare the differences of the configuration made before and after, so that easy to find out the environment issues. It can also work as backup feature to prevent the environment corrupted.

Usually I use it for application testing and I am satisfied with the latest version it provided.

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