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Writing Short Form

Why short form will then be widely use and easy to accept by user.

I believe short form is quite commonly use for every computer user, especially for those messenger lover.
. One of the reasons I guess is the convenient use and the speed of typing. Imagine you connected to the communication tool and 5 of your friends sending you message at the same time, if you replying them with full word then you may spend some time to complete a sentence and replying 5 questions is actually time consuming.

This not only commonly use in messenger but also use in sending sms. By default each telco is limited to 150 character per sms but I guess most people already forget this. The smart phone today will not limit your character and you can type whatever as you like, the telco only will charge you base on the total characters after you press send. Using short form actually can save your credit when you sending sms to friend.

But, has the short form been standardized and worldwide understood? This is challenging and confusing if there is no standard format. For example; I type Jan for January, everyone will know what I refer to, but if I type 29 can you guess what I refer to? Actually I refer to “tonight”.

There is a joke I heard from my friend, he send sms to his manager to apply medical leave, the content is like that “Hi XXX, I am on MC 2day.”. The next day he back to office, and his manager ask him why come to work (actually his manager assume he apply “2 day” leave).

Above is just a joke but what if a student applies it to their examination? If a student familiar with the short form they will slowly forget the spelling then. In my opinion, the short form will more suitable for adult who start working and depend on who is the recipient. I never type short form when I send mail to my manager, because I don’t want to confuse each other to guess what I wrote.

Hopefully there will be a standard guideline for the short form, so that we all referring to the same word rather than guessing what does it mean. Below are just some of the common short forms that I use and there are more that I can’t fully list here.
Something = smthg Tonight = 29
Today = 2day Thanks You = TQ
Already = oledi Tomorrow = 2molo
Together = 2gater Before = b4
Care = k see = c
you = u we = v
Birthday = b’day Handphone = hp
Oh my god = omg Please = pls

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