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When Will Need To Replace Timing Belt

Some car owner may not know how long should need to change the timing belt and some may even don’t know where the timing belt in place. If you know which is your car engine then it is not difficult for you to find out it. It was actually placed beside the engine.

The timing belt is important and is a part of an internal combustion engine that controls the timing of the engine’s valves. Your car can not be run without this timing belt; therefore you need to change before it breaks.

When it needs to be replaced?

Actually it is not depending on time period but the mileage you drive. Usually the original come with your car manufacturer can use for 100,000KM. I strongly advise to replace the mileage nearly reach 90,000KM, because it may break if reaches the maximum. The reason is when you are in traffic jam, although you are stopped but your engine is running. Some people may like to start the engine and idle for few minutes in the early morning. This explain why advise to replace before reaching 100,000KM and this “hidden” mileage is actually not as what you can see in the mileage meter.

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