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Digi Donate When You Subscribe to E-billing

Great news!!! From Dec2009 until Jan 2010 Digi will donate RM 3 on behalf of you to reforest kinabatangan forest if you register to e-statement.

For those who are Digi user it is strongly advisable to subscribe the e-statement. One of the profit is that you can save RM3 per month, the second thing is actually you are helping to save from wasting paper. Cutting down the tree is easy but plant a tree and wait it to grow may need longer time.

There are many company had started converting the daily document to paperless process. For example Airasia airline, you actually not need to print out the ticket when check in. The others document that we can convert is our month credit card statement. Although the credit card issuer not charges for extra on the hard copy bill, but why don’t we register to be paperless rather than wasting the paper to view the same content?

The more people turn to e-billing the more forest we can save. So don’t be late to act it now!

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