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Wedding Idea: Update Facebook Relationship Status During Wedding Ceremony

Looking for ideas to make an unforgettable wedding ceremony? Out there should have thousands of tips that people around you or the world have applied, to make the wedding not only a special chapter in their life but probably also a spark in (local) news.

Here is another trick that could have happened elsewhere, but Dana Hanna most likely be the first groom in YouTube History, who updated the bride and his own Facebook relationship status to “Married”. In addition to Facebook, he also tweet about the couple status being promoted from “special friendship” to husband-and-wife!

The footage taken during the wedding ceremony, showing Hanna whipped out his cellphone to update Facebook and Twitter, while the celebrant looking at:

If you would like to follow what Dana Hanna and wife have practiced, be sure to get ready cameraman to record the footage and later post it to every reputable video hosting sites, to have your special moment online for people eyes around the world.

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