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How To Examine Absorber

Many people owning their dream car, but did you know how to check whether your car absorber is in good condition?

The duty of absorber is to absorb or dissipate energy, if they are malfunction then your car may run jostling up and down like a wave and take longer time to stable. Imagine you travel in your car for long journey, it was a nightmare for you jostling up and down until the destination and it may not be good to senior citizen where giving them a painful backache. How do I examine it?

Examining does not require any technical skill and very easy for everyone to judge within few seconds. What you need to do just press your car down for which absorber you would like to examine (eg: To examine rear left absorber then press your car down from rear left) and then release it to see how it looks like. If it rebound or moves up and down continuously meaning is time to replace a new absorber. If the absorber functioning well it will stable back to normal condition after you release

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