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Can I Refund Airfare If I not Boarding

Usually people may book the ticket few month in advanced if there are cheap airfare or free ticket. The most popular low cost airline in Malaysia is airasia and it’s quite often offering free seat or low cost seat to public. What if I booked the ticket but not check in can I ask for refund?

The answer is YES but only airport tax! This only for low cost airline.

Why only the airport tax? Because the airport tax is a service ONLY pay if you use it therefore you can refund. But, airfare is a product selling by airline if you are not boarding is your personal matter and is similar where you buy a T-shirt but you never wear it. You can’t ask for refund because you never wear the T-shirt. Some airline will refund in full but depend on what situation.

Some time we can’t predict what will happen in future, chances of cancelling the flight may exist due to some personal matter or Influenza like A(H1N1) happened in year 2009, I’m one of them who experience to cancel the trip due to A(H1N1).

According to the last updates, all the passengers who did not check in are allowed to refund airport tax but not other fee like fuel surcharge, admin fee or others fee. This is very dependent on the airline you booked and in what circumstances. If you booked from airsia airline then you have to send email to the customer service team on refund. The team will assist you to complete the request. After your request completed then you have to wait for few more months in order the fund to be credited back to your account if you pay by credit card.

There is actually another choice for you that is change the departure date to some other day. The fee is dependent the ticket price on the date you selected plus compulsory fee (depend on airline) of changing date.

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