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Funny And Interesting Link

Yesterday I received a link sending from one of my friend, in the mail he wrote that “It was so accurate and you never believe unless you try”, then I start thinking what kind of Magic Test application is?

After I tried I also surprise with the result and wonder how come the program know my answer, and it seem like connecting with my mind and retrieving my “data”. It so accurate and unbelievable but after a while, some questions start preparing in my mind because no matter how advanced the program is, it still a software and instructed by the programmer, it can’t be act like psychologist, and can guess your answer without eye contact.

Finally I found the secret after few tries. Here I would like to share with you the secret. But, try it your own first whether you can guess the answer before you continue reading.

Did you realize that the answer you get will always fall under the group 9, 18,27,36,45,54,63,72 and 81? No matter what number you chose and the final answer in your mind will be as listed above.

Yes – then check the symbol for the group of number above and you will notify that they all share the same symbol and will refresh for every click, therefore you will get the “correct” symbol for all the time.

Conclusion, there is only 1 symbol for each refresh that will display; of course the program can guess your answer. I am very appreciating the developer for creating the game like this to give us a joyful time.

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