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Earn Extra Money By Being A Living Statue

If you are running short of money; if you’re unemployed; if you like freedom; but so long as you are not lazy to work, there are always chances to make a living.

Here I introduce you a new way to make money – Living Statue, a.k.a. Human Statue! To backpackers, this could be another sources for income by standing still for an hour or two in the tourist hotspot, before you start wandering the travel site.

Make a living by being a Human Statue, a.k.a. Living Statue, in tourists hotspot.

If you can’t sing, if you can’t sketch a live portrait, if you can’t play guitar or musical equipments, etc, is doesn’t matter. All you need is the capability of stand still for long hours, cover your face and body to appear as a statue look (much like body-painting kind of makeup plus the optional costume) and play some funny poses.

Human Statue performer in UK Capital of Culture 2008

Living Statue in Liverpool

If there is luck, Living Statue performer could easily pocket few tens or hundreds in a short while! So, good luck!

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