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Edison Chen Flash Game – Mario For The Lusty Chen

Whether you like or dislike Edison Chen, you may happy with this flash game – the Mario for the lusty Chen!

(It’s only fun and meaningful if you’ve followed Edison Chen ridiculous sex scandal exposed last month!)

Have you fun here (or here):

My high score in Edison Chen flash game

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  1. avc 12-02-08 02:39


      發布照片的神秘人,用英文發出了新的通告!說很快會放出剩餘照片和32分鍾的視頻!據說還有超級瘋狂的,是插後門!而且是好幾個人一起群P!場面極盡瘋狂!叫大家耐心等待! 原文中還說我才不吊他們(香港警察)! 以上内容是發布者英文原文翻譯的内容!與本人無關!

  2. Q4L 13-02-08 17:53

    What BBS was the avi posted? Please address thank you